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Hey Salt Mines: who can ride their bike to work or for errands the most in May 2014?

Each day you ride counts as 5 points. Each mile you ride that day counts an additional 1 point. So if you ride 3 miles to work and back plus 1 mile to lunch, that's 5 + 3*2 + 1*2 = 13 points for the day

Sign up for RideNet on this page and log your rides in Your Profile. Make sure to mark your rides at a Commute or Errand for them to count towards the challenge.

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What's happening @ The Salt Mines

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February 5, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. It was a "warm" 14 degrees. Snow on Calumet was easy to ride in.  9 mile commute
February 4, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM.  9 mile commute
Chapman Rd hill route on the SS. Beautiful February day.  45 mile workout
February 3, 2015
Took neighborhood route. Roads were icy in spots.  7 mile commute
February 2, 2015
Wife had a snow day, but I was still able to ride in along High St -> Oakland Park -> Calumet -> Weber.  9 mile commute
January 31, 2015
Took Avril to Birthday party at The Salt Mines. 30 degrees with sun was no problem. Avril was warm in the trailer.  8 mile errand
Single Speed Saturday with Marty and Caminati. 13 deg at the start. But lots of sun. Wasn't any problem staying warm.  60 mile workout
January 30, 2015
Salt Mines. Side roads were a little icy because of overnight snow. High St, Calumet, and Weber were fine.  7 mile commute
January 29, 2015
Waited out freezing rain in the morning. Warmed up enough that side roads were finally clear from Sunday's snow.  7 mile commute
January 28, 2015
Bright sun made 12 degrees seem not too bad. Stuck to main roads. Great ride home on High St with tailwind.  7 mile commute
January 27, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. Had to use High St because side roads are not clear from Monday's snow.  7 mile commute
January 24, 2015
Unionville Center loop with JoeB, Marty, and Kurt. Tough going into the wind, especially with the SS Colnago.  60 mile workout
January 23, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute
January 22, 2015
Reviewed conditions on Calumet with Columbus Public Services and city engineers. Rode home along Neighborhood Greenways route with Chris G.  15 mile commute
Chapman road hill route on the SS. Did all the standard climbs. Cold, but enjoyable.  45 mile workout
January 21, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. Light rain off and on in the morning.  9 mile commute
January 20, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. Waited out rain before heading home.  9 mile commute
January 19, 2015
Salt Mines.  9 mile commute
January 17, 2015
Delaware loop on the SS with JoeB.  50 mile workout
January 16, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute
January 15, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute
January 14, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute
January 13, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute
January 12, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. Light rain no big deal.  9 mile commute
January 11, 2015
Meet with Andrew and David at Cup-O-Joe to discuss Calumet treatments.  7 mile errand
January 10, 2015
Delaware loop on the SS with Marty. Felt surprisingly pleasant considering temps in low 20s. Trail was in good condition - nice!  50 mile workout
January 9, 2015
Meeting at MORPC. Ride down was a little dicey after overnight snow. Ride back to Salt Mines wasn't bad.  22 mile commute
January 8, 2015
Salt Mines CCM. CAC meeting at library on the way home. Very cold, but made it home in the dark with icy spots on High St.  9 mile commute
January 7, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM. Stuck to main roads because of all the snow.  7 mile commute
January 5, 2015
Salt Mines and CCM  9 mile commute